Designing Buttons with Templates

A template will help create your button design. There are two important circle diameters involved when creating your design. These dimensions can be used in any program or software. If you are not comfortable with this process, you can always purchase the Button Builder Software. Once you have your designing process figured out, the rest will fall into place.

Whether you use the Button Builder Software or something else, you will always have two circles in your template. The first circle is larger than the button itself. It is larger because both the mylar and paper wrap around the shell and are crimped under when the button is made. Needless to say your cut out paper will be the same size as your plastic mylar. This cut out line is always shown as a solid line. This solid line will serve as a guide for cutting with scissors or lining up your circle cutter.

The next circle is smaller and is shown in red or dotted. The Button Builder Software will be a dotted circle, we usually set our circle to a red color. This smaller circle is where you need to keep your text and imges so they are visible on the button. This is important because you don’t want your text/images getting lost when it’s wrapped around the shell. This size is smaller than the button size.

By having these two diameter sizes you can create your template in Word, Illustrator, Paint Shop, Corel Draw, etc. There are too many to name. If you still have problems creating your circles and just want to get started then you can always purchase Button Builder created by Badge-a-Minit. Click here to learn more about Button Builder. You’ll find that once you have your designs saved, the rest is pretty easy.

Oh here’s another tip….Save your template as something generic like “2-1/4″ Template”. After you create your work of art, “Save As…” whatever you want to call it, like “Halloween Witch”. Why? That way whenever you open your “2-1/4″ Template” it will be a fresh canvas for you.

1-1/4″ Badge-a-Minit or Standard Size Template

1-1/4″ Badge-a-Minit or Standard Background Sheets – Print on any color sheet for kids to draw on

1-1/4″ Badge-a-Minit PhotoShop, PrintShop, and Fireworks Template – Available Upon Request

2-1/4″ Badge-a-Minit Size Template

3″ Badge-a-Minit (not available)


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Badge-a-Minit: Does the Product Work?

Have you ever heard, “You get what you pay for”?

Well here is one of those moments. Assembly rings are used to make buttons with Badge-a-Minit hand press and bench press systems. There are 6 steps in making one of these buttons and each step is manually executed by the user inserting or pushing rings/pieces together.

People from all walks of life demand answers to why they can’t make a button. They proclaim the machine is faulty, it’s a toy and doesn’t work. I know the product works, I speak to customers over the phone and walk through each step. I make a button every time. And now my desk is full of random buttons..LOL! People that walk in my office are more than welcome to take some.

When I walk through each step with customers, they make a button too. So why is this? Maybe it’s patience. I often find that the customers are anxious. You have to complete each step! If the instructions say, “YOU WILL HEAR A SNAP”, then you better keep pushing down until you hear that SNAP!

They are not the easiest machines to use, but guess what? You get what you pay for.

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Starter Kit Does NOT Include a Circle Cutter

I just had an interested conversation on the phone this morning. It surprised me because I wasn’t ready to jusify why the Badge-a-Minit Starter Kits do NOT come with a circle cutter. The next confrontation was why there was a circle cutter demo included in the video on the same page of the Starter Kit. And if that wasn’t a battle, I also had to explain that the video did not come with the machine.

First, I had to explain that the kits are NOT created by our company. We provide the same kits that Badge-a-Minit provides. If anyone feels like we should create different kits that suite your needs or wants better, please let me know. Many of our customers trying out button making for the first time don’t want to invest too much and can get by with their first 25 buttons by using scissors to cut thier graphics out.

Next, was my apologizes for having a circle cutter demo on the same page as the starter kit. On the page you will find a list of what is included in the Starter Kit. We are sorry if this is misleading. However, we have customers that don’t know what is involved with making a button so we included the cutter making the cut out circle and then being used in the assembly rings.

Finally, I think it would be great if we had a video CD of someone making a button with the type of button maker you purchased. Our videos online are accessible via the internet 24 hours a day and at this time we think that is sufficient. We still have problems with people improperly loading their machines and they ARE watching the video. The video CD is still a work in progress and that is why we are including the videos online little by little.

Well, that was my Monday morning. We can only make things better if we get input from you, the customer. I honestly don’t understand why some of the Badge-a-Minit kits are put together the way they are. I agree that a starter kit should include all the items one would need to make button. I am sure Badge-a-Minit was trying to create a kit with an affordable start up cost. It’s not their fault, it’s just a marketing strategy. We do have better packages for the Professional Button Makers manufactured by Tecre. The kits are leveled based on what circle cutter fits your button making needs because we do believe that circle cutters are important. I don’t like cutting circles out with scissors. Everyone have a great week!

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Step By Step – Using a Circle Cutter and Hand Press

Here’s a step by step video with audio of how to make a button using a Badge-a-Minit hand press. (more…)

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2-1/4″ Assembly Rings

Assembly Rings are the building blocks of a button while using a Badge-a-Minit hand or bench press.

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1-1/4″ Assembly Rings

Looking at buying a Hand or Bench Press? (more…)

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Button Builder Pro Software


PROS (more…)

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